50gr - Emerald City Matcha (Ceremonial Grade)

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We're excited to re-introduce our delicate ceremonial matcha - Emerald City. Its vibrant, illumines green colour, hints towards its superior quality and fresh, grassy flavour with trailing notes of spinach and green peas.

Our Ceremonial Matcha originates from the Nishio-shi region (Aichi prefecture) in Japan and like most luxury grade matcha, it is carefully made by a slow - stone ground process using fresh, shade grown tencha leaves which have been de-vained and de-stemmed to maintain it's perfect taste.


- Ceremonial Japanese Matcha

- High caffeine content

Body & Aroma

Smooth, fresh grassy, seaweed, spinach and green peas.

How to make a cup (8.5oz):

- sift 1-2 teaspoons of Matcha into a bowl

- add 2oz of 80°C spring water 

- rapidly whisk in a capital letter 'M' motion until frothy

- sip and enjoy (pair with something sweet: i.e white chocolate)