Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Shipping

Do you offer Free shipping?

Occasionally we will offer FREE SHIPPING in Canada for a specific sales threshold for a set period of time! Be sure to stay tuned for those announcements.


How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is charged per weight and distance. We ship through Canada Post and have a shipping calculator at checkout so you can always see what your shipping costs would be before placing your order.

Do you ship to the US?

Of course! We would never leave our neighbours out :)

Where else do you ship?

Worldwide! Seriously, we can ship to any part of the world!

What are your shipping times?

Shipping times may vary. We can usually fulfill most orders within 48 hours. However, if we suspect any delays regarding the processing of your shipment, we will contact you right away.

Can I return my order?

Unfortunately we cannot accept tea as a return because we cannot guarantee that it hasn't been opened and we like to ensure all of our products are super safe. If you're unsatisfied with your order, please contact us and we will do our absolute best to make sure we turn that frown : ( upside down :)

Can I track my shipment?

Once your order is fulfilled you will receive a tracking number to your email.

How can I contact customer service?

You can message us directly through our website contact form. (We try our best to respond within 48 hours. Or skip the extra steps and email us directly at

Do I need to sign to receive my package?

You do not need to sign to receive your package unless you personally request this option, which we could certainly arrange if needed!


Questions About Our Company


What is the difference between T By Daniel & Daniel's Chai Bar?

T By Daniel Inc. is our parent company. Daniel's Chai Bar is a new concept of exclusively focusing on selling our Famous Lion Chai. Same company just a refreshed brand name with a targeted focus. 

What's the meaning of your logo?

Our logo design is: 3 leafs and a lion.

The leaves are a nod to a fine tea pluck, which consists of picking 2 leaves and 1 bud. The Lion has double meaning: First it's a symbol of our standards in customer service and promise: Royalty & Loyalty that's what you deserve. Second, it pays homage to the Famous Lon Chai.

When was T By Daniel founded?

T By Daniel was officially founded in early 2011 as an online company. We opened our first store in 2014.


 Is T By Daniel a Canadian company? 

A resounding yes! We are proudly Canadian.


 Is there a physical location? 

Unfortunately, T By Daniel closed its brick and mortar store in mid 2019 to refocus our attention on our online efforts. However, we are optimistic about re-opening a location in the future. #DanielsChaiBar #Goals #Staytuned

Questions about the founders

 Is there actually a Daniel in T By Daniel?  

Absolutely! Daniel is a certified tea master/ sommelier, published author and a motivational keynote speaker (not to mention he's quite handsome...) To learn more about Daniel visit 


Who are the founders of T By Daniel?  

Daniel and Renata Lewis, are middle school sweethearts / the husband and wife duo behind T By Daniel. T By Daniel was officially founded in early 2011. Visit our about us page to learn more.


Can I book Daniel as a keynote speaker for my event?  

If you are looking for information about booking Daniel for a public speaking event, please visit 
If there is a question you had that you did not find an answer to, please contact us at the tab below.