Our Social Responsibility

Did you know?

Your love for drinking tea contributes to an industry that helps employ millions of people all over the world?

According to a global report initiated by the IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development,) Tea production employs 13 million people, 9 million of whom are smallholder farmers, while the remainder work in tea estates; in China, Sri Lanka and Kenya, which account for half of the world’s tea production, the majority of tea is produced by smallholder farmers.

Here's How We're doing Our Part

In late 2019 our company launched the Mapenzi Project, an initiative aimed to put a spotlight on African teas from ethical tea factories and farms that account for the livelihood of thousands.

We began sourcing teas from these various regions to help spread awareness while also contributing to the prosperity of the people directly responsible for harvesting these wonderful teas.

Suddenly, COVID-19 swept over the world and all of our plans were brought to an immediate halt. 

As the situation with the pandemic begins to neutralize and return to a new normal, we plan to pick up where we left off; by establishing ethical and sustainable tea partnerships that will have a direct effect on our beloved tea farmers and their communities.