100gr - Take me To Nepal (Organic Nepal Black Tea)

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What do you get when you stumble upon a luxurious Nepalese black tea nestled in the foothills of Mt. Kanchanjangha (the 3rd highest mountain in the world?)

You get to delight your palate with a bold and brilliant, single-origin black tea, which offers woodsy, spicy, tobacco and citrus notes, graced by a complimentary flavour of smoky caramel. A tea lover's dream.

We'll be honest in saying, we haven't travelled to Nepal as yet, but after taking the first sip of this delicious liquid treasure, we couldn't think of a better name than: "Take me To Nepal!"


- Organic Nepal Black Tea (camellia sinensis)

- USDA Organic, CERES Certified 

- High caffeine content

Body & Aroma

Thick body with aromas of cardamom, anise, cedar, mushroom, and celery root.

How to make a cup (8.5oz):

2 grams | 98°C hot water | steep time 5 mins 


 Tea Origin: Eastern Nepal - Mt. Kanchenjunga

Altitude: 1300-1800 meters (4,200 - 6000 feet)

Candidate for Gongfu: Yes

Gongfu Brewing: 90°C -93°C soak and steep (20 seconds + 5 seconds additional)