About Us

The Company

Daniel's Chai Bar (formerly T By Daniel) is a brand that is committed to changing how people see the world, using tea as the vehicle.

We started out as a small tea cafe located in the heart of Downtown Brampton, who became very well known for our extremely popular Lion Chai latte. We ran the cafe successfully for 4 years before relocating to the Bramalea City Centre Shopping Mall in 2018. Life became really interesting after this move as my wife and Co-founder Renata and I welcomed two precious little boys into the world.

We made a difficult decision at that time to dissolve our brick and mortar store and move our business fully online with an e-commerce store, where customers could shop our teas globally. This way we could still operate our business, while also adapting to the new joys and challenges of parenthood.

Although this transition expanded our international reach, our local customers were extremely saddened that they could no longer walk into our store and grab a cup of their favourite chai...

 Obstacles & Opportunities

2020 was a year of rapid change and many pivots as we did our best to navigate through the uncertainties of COVID-19. In spite of the obstacles, we took this time as an opportunity to reimagine our business and see how we can still share delicious teas while also impacting lives in a positive way.

As a pivot we paused our e-commerce store and began offering virtual tea tastings to corporate clients while Daniel also repositioned himself as a small business - content creator sharing inspiration and information with aspiring entrepreneurs online. P.S We also got a pretty good handle on the whole parenting thing!


Daniel's Chai Bar

When our customers speak, we listen. After a few years of Lion Chai withdrawal, it was very clear that our customers wanted to see a comeback and so that's what we did! Introducing Daniel's Chai Bar!

The vision for Daniel's Chai Bar is a new concentrated effort of focusing on selling our Famous Lion Chai latte while re-igniting the magical spark our customers once experienced in our original store.

 Today, Daniel's Chai Bar remains focused on its mission of using tea as a vehicle to impact and inspire the lives of other's in a meaningful and impactful way.